Alma Hernandez

Alma Hernandez has over 20 years experience working in rural, largely immigrant, communities developing leadership through cooperative efforts and placing community members at the forefront of decision making processes. Currently, Alma serves as a District Representative for County Supervisor, Joan Hartmann. She has served as a director of the Guadalupe’s Little House by the Park, where her focus included the promotion of open, communal, multicultural, and artistic spaces. Successful collaborative efforts include the establishment of Santa Maria’s first Cultural and Creative Arts Center of the Santa Maria Valley, Ciclovia in the City of Guadalupe and Dual Immersion in Santa Maria. She has served as chair of the Dune’s Center Internal Affairs Committee and Board, Vice President on the CAUSE Board of Directors and as a Board Member for The Fund for Santa Barbara. Alma was born in Arizona to a first generation immigrant family from Mexico and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Poly and a Master’s in Public Administration from Cal State Northridge.