Chachi Ramirez

Chachi Ramirez is a producer with a rich history of working as a filmmaker in Los Angeles. Over the last two decades he’s worked on groundbreaking projects with his agency Mercy Brothers, specializing in gaming, branded content, documentary and cinematic endeavors. Recently Ramirez worked as the documentarian on Alejandro Gonzalez Inaritu’s Oscar winning virtual reality film “Carne y Arena.” Attending high school in a small town on the southernmost tip of Texas, dreams of Hollywood seemed too far to imagine, but his father, Roberto Ramirez, worked as a NBC News broadcaster and his son watched his dad on set from a young age. After graduating high school, he moved to Santa Cruz, California and soon began studying and working as a freelance photographer and videographer in the bay area. Demand moved him to Los Angeles to produce independent films (The Insatiable, Harvest of Redemption, Scooter Cannonball), and serve as Head of Production for several original content
departments. Eventually leaving this position and focusing on his production company Mercy Brothers which provided the introduction to Ryan Jow and the start of Windfall. Many of the themes of Windfall mirror Chachi’s own family life experiences. Outside of the film world, you can catch Chachi working on his 1968 Blue F-250 Truck with his 2 year old daughter Isla Rose in tow.”