Tiffany Gonzales

My name is Tiffany Gonzales and I am a Central Coast native. I went to Catholic school
until I was 9 years old and lived in Santa Maria until I was 10 years old. I moved to Guadalupe with my mom, younger brother and younger sister when I was 10, but started attending Guadalupe schools when I was 9. I remember most of our  weekends being spent with our relatives and friends of my mom in Guadalupe. Growing up in a single parent household and having my own adverse childhood experiences, I have always felt the need to try and be more empathetic and compassionate. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

My passion for community service was sparked at a young age. In high school, I volunteered with Righetti’s W.O.W. (Week of Welcome) program and experienced my first leadership building workshop with Future Leaders of America (F.L.A.) These two experiences would fuel my desire to help make a positive impact in my community. After completing my associates degree in Business Administration from Santa Barbara Business College, I knew whoever my employer was, I wanted to work for a company that makes a positive impact in my community. That is how I came to find Community Health Centers of the Central Coast (CHC).

I started at CHC back in 2011 as a medical receptionist for pediatrics, and I have been climbing ladders ever since. I love CHC’s mission as it aligns with my core values. I now work as a Quality Improvement Facilitator in CHC’s QI Department. My role is to facilitate quality improvement at all levels of the organization for the benefit of our patients and employees (our
community). I have received specialized training in Lean and Lean Six Sigma. I have also completed Franklin Covey’s workshop, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People through Central Coast Lean.

I am engaged to my significant other (who is also a Guadalupe native) of 13 years and we share 3 beautiful children together. We currently reside in Santa Maria. I’m an avid baker, I enjoy spending time outdoors and listening to reggae music . My life’s mission is to teach my children that this world can be a better place when we build each other up. I want to continue to
try and demonstrate what that looks like by staying involved in my community and sharing my skills and experience for the greater good; specifically for my hometown of Gudadalupe. I have a goal to go back to school and complete my bachelor’s degree and move on to a master’s degree so I can continue to keep making my way up the corporate ladder (I’m going for that C! Chief Executive level position).