LeRoy Park Capital Campaign

This dreamlike landscape mural of Guadalupe was designed by Samuel H. Duarte, Director of the Little House by the Park. It was designed as a community piece that encompasses the beauty of the City of Guadalupe’s assets, its people, and vibrancy. It was created for the May 9, 2015, Guadalupe Ciclovia Event when 3 miles of streets were closed off to cars and opened to pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, wheelchairs, and other alternate forms of transportation. The outline of this piece was placed at Tognazzini Park and painted by community members as they passed the Tognazzini stop within the 3-mile course. The final mural can be viewed at the Little House by the Park located at 4681 11th Street, Guadalupe, CA.

Mission Statement

To enhance and develop the capacity of the City of Guadalupe, community organizations, local businesses and community members through community development plans and actions that support the community of Guadalupe and surrounding areas to become a resilient, strong community that will grow from disadvantaged to a livable, sustainable community.


Tom Brandeberry, retiring from the State, formed Rural Community Development Corporation of California (RCDCC) in 2017 to help rural communities, especially those considered disadvantaged and beleaguered to fill the gap in capacity. In 2020, Tom, with the help of a new board moved to change RCDCC from a statewide nonprofit to the local Guadalupe nonprofit. In August 2020, the RCDCC Board voted to change the nonprofit’s name, territory and mission to reflect its new direction.
We at RCDCC believed that with training, direction (planning) and support, California’s rural communities can be more self-reliant, and create sustainable livable communities that gain not lose populations. Los Amigos de Guadalupe believes the same for the Guadalupe community.