LeRoy Park Capital Campaign

LeRoy Park has always been an integral part of the community. Fond memories go back generations, and in many ways LeRoy Park and the community center was the community unofficial town square. Over the years, however, it has gone into disrepair to the point that the community center (the Boys & Girls Club) was closed in 2018 due to mold. 

LeRoy Park is the oldest community park in Santa Barbara County, dating back to 1871 when the LeRoy family signed over (donated) 5-6 acres of marshy land to the area’s citizens for their recreational use in perpetuity. 


In 2017 Los Amigos de Guadalupe (then called RCDCC), on behalf of the City of Guadalupe, completed a community outreach and application for funding to the State CDBG program.

In September 2018, the City was awarded the funds and after going through the project design process, construction started in August 2020. There was about a 3-year gap in between the date the application was submitted to the first day of construction. During this three-year period, construction costs increased and the $4.1 million that was set aside for the LeRoy Park and community center renovation was not enough to complete the entire project. Per the agreement with the state, the CDBG award was to be used primarily to renovate the community center, but not all community center features or park features would get done due to costs.

In 2020, Los Amigos de Guadalupe completed the process to allow the City to receive an additional award for $900,000 for the LeRoy Park project. This allowed the Community Center portion of the project to be fully funded, but still left some park features still unfunded. 

To address this shortfall the City, with the help of Los Amigos de Guadalupe, has put together a Capital Campaign (see attached flyers) in an attempt to fund the remaining park features: to bring the park and community center back to its best, and even better. 

Please consider supporting our efforts by passing the flyer(s) on to someone you know that may be interested in contributing. There are many levels of contribution so hopefully it will allow you to also contribute. 

The project is scheduled for completion in September 2021.

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