The City of Guadalupe’s Microenterprise Program

The City of Guadalupe has been awarded CDBG Economic Development funds to support the implementation of a Microenterprise Assistance Program. Los Amigos de Guadalupe will support the city in the implementation and operation of the program.  The program is divided into two distinct components:

  • Microenterprise Technical Assistance (business development)
  • Microenterprise Financial Assistance (Loans and Grants)

You will notice below two documents called guidelines. These documents will give you the City of Guadalupe’s rules associated with of the two components of the program. Please review these documents for a more detailed understand of what the program offers and who is eligible for the program.

Microenterprise Technical Assistance (TA):  provides training, assessment, coaching, counseling and other business-related education to eligible businesses or individuals wishing to start a business at no cost. The following guidelines have all the rules for the program, approved by City Council.

Microenterprise Technical Assistance Guidelines

Microenterprise Financial Assistance: provides loan and grants to the same eligible businesses or individuals but does require a higher level of qualifying documentation. In general, the loan and/or grant program is tied to the successful completion of the above TA. The determination of loan or grant or a combination of loan and grant will be laid out in the Microenterprise Financial Assistance Guidelines (top right) and determined by the Loan and Grant Committee.

Microenterprise Financial Assistance Guidelines


To be eligible for this program an existing business must have 5 or fewer employees/owners who work at the business (head count).

The business must be located with the City of Guadalupe boundaries and have an active business license. The person wishing to start as business must live (reside) within the City of Guadalupe boundaries.

Additionally, the business owner or a person wishing to start a business must be “low-income”. Low-income means that the business owner or the individual wishing to start a business must be 80% of the County’s Area Medium Income (AMI), adjusted to family size.

The following is the 2021 HUD maximum Income Limits, adjusted for household/family size:

Verification of Income

For Technical Assistance, the business owner(s), enrolling in the program, must sign the self-certification form, below, which shows on the chart Santa Barbara Income limits, adjusted for household/family size.  The two key requirements for determining a applicant’s annual income are: 

  1. Gross Income is counted, not net.
  2. All adult family members living in the home must be included.

Please click on this Self-Certification form and complete as instructed:

Self-Certification of Income

The self-certification form once signed is good for three years, thereafter you will be required to recertify.

For Financial Assistance, the verification process is much more in depth and includes actual documentation (pay stubs, tax returns, for example).  More information on the income verification will be posted as soon as the Financial Assistance portion of the program is completed.

Enrollment into the Economic Development Collaborative (EDC)

Once the City determines you are eligible for Technical Assistance, you be able to enroll in the EDC’s many businesses training, coaching and business counseling services. Your information will give to the EDC primary business advisor for the initial assessment of needs.

For More Information on this program and see if you qualify, please contact:

English: Tom Brandeberry 
(916) 281-7638
En Espanol: Alejandra Enciso Medina
(805) 356-6155