RCDCC, at the request of the City of Guadalupe, created a stakeholder group of Guadalupe business people, organizations, city staff and Councilmembers with the goal of creating a business group. RCDCC chaired the meetings (both in person at first, and remotely once the pandemic hit), recruited members and moved the group forward to what is now the Guadalupe Business Association (GBA), a 501(c)(6) membership nonprofit. Los Amigos de Guadalupe is now an active member of the association and will continue to provide support wherever it is needed.

The City of Weed had been affected by the Boles Fire, a wildfire that spread throughout the city in less than an hour.  One year on the City began the “Resilience-Weed” planning effort. The City created a Weed Resilience Planning Team to help direct the planning effort. The team, which was led by RCDCC’s CEO Tom Brandeberry, developed the Resilience-Weed Plan which identified resilience strategies and an action plan which included timelines, responsibilities, resources and milestones. The community of Weed, individuals, organizations and partners, City and County staff all participated in assessing Weed’s assets and impediments and with a robust community outreach process, the Resilience-Weed Plan was completed. This was a first in the California (maybe the nation) resilience planning effort solely focused on a rural community.